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Is it time to start planning?

Retirement Extender® leads with financial planning for our clients. This involves a multiple meeting process which results in a written financial plan.

Financial Planning services typically focus on one or more specific areas including: financial and cash management, risk management, financial issues relating to divorce or death of a family member, insurance planning, estate planning, tax issues, retirement planning, educational funding, goal setting, wealth management, or other needs identified by our client or by our review of the client’s financial circumstances.

Through discussion with our client and/or questionnaires, we will collect pertinent data; identify goals, objectives, financial concerns and potential solutions. We will present you with a written analysis. During the planning services, we will make specific recommendations regarding implementation of how we believe that you should move forward.

Many times you might need help with your planning, or how to prioritize your financial goals.  You may be wondering "What should I be doing over the coming years". 

At Retirement Extender® and at our previous company, we have been helping people with Financial Planning for almost 25 years and know it from both theory and from a real experience standpoint. 

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