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    Our Services

    Retirement Extender® is a wealth management firm that assists our clients in pursuing their financial goals, as well as their life goals. We use a team approach to provide these services. Our team can provide a customized portfolio for each client instead of fitting clients into standard categories. Additionally, we specialize in tax efficient distribution strategies which can result in considerable tax savings. We call this the Retirement Extender® Method.

    In this framework, Retirement Extender® combines specialists in financial planning, investing, and tax into an integrated team working for our clients. These specialists collaborate to provide unique investment advice using asset dedication methods. We integrate a planned mix of tax-deferred, taxable and tax-free accounts to provide choices for where to take addition income in years when it is needed. The result is a customized Written Financial Plan with investment strategies that can be updated periodically as your needs and goals evolve throughout your lives.

    Portfolio Management

    Retirement Extender® provides investment management services with a personalized strategy recommendation based on your unique needs and objectives. Learn more

     Financial Planning

    When you retain the services of the firm, our team meets with you to gather information about your financial background, circumstances to consider, resources available to fund your future desired lifestyle, and goals and objectives. Learn more

    Tax Planning

    Tax planning is the analysis of planned financial situations or transactions from a tax perspective. The purpose of tax planning is to ensure tax efficiency, with the elements of the financial plan working together in a tax-efficient manner. Learn more

    Educational Planning

    Is it important for you to set aside money for your children’s or grandchildren’s education? Learn more

    Charitable Support Planning

    Is it important to you to invest so that you can donate to charities or other non-profit organizations? Learn more

    Estate Planning

    We have professional relationships with estate planning attorneys and can provide recommendations, or we will be happy to work with your existing attorney to assist with your estate planning and provide a tax-efficient estate process. Learn more