Portfolio Management

Portfolio management is the professional management of your assets to meet specified investment goals for the benefit of you, the investor. Retirement Extender® provides investment management services with a personalized strategy recommendation based on your unique needs and objectives.

Our investment process is driven by delivering trust, transparency and accountability to you throughout your portfolio management. During an initial meeting, you will be assisted through a Confidential Client Profile to help the team understand your near-term and long-term financial goals. Before moving forward with developing an investment strategy, we will guide you through a risk survey to assess the amount of risk that you are prepared to take, and can emotionally handle. We also prepare a long-term cash flow projection to assess the risk needed to maintain your solvency.  Next, we calculate your Family Index Number, which is the rate of return you need to accomplish your goals. Once we’ve compiled this quantitative and qualitative data, our team uses your risk information and Family Index Number to recommend, implement, and monitor strategies that reflect your individual and family goals.

Retirement Extender® then utilizes an asset-dedicated investment strategy to prepare and manage a customized investment portfolio based on your specific goals and objectives. Historically, asset-dedicated portfolios have been utilized by large institutional investors, but advances in desktop computers now allow the technique to be used in personal investing.

Our team prepares this portfolio investment strategy by projecting the income needed each year in the future. Social Security payments, pensions and any other income is estimated to determine how much additional will be withdrawn from retirement accounts to meet the income need annually. The investment strategy then targets cash flows that match the planned withdrawals each year, after factoring in adjustments for inflation and irregular spending, such as car purchases or periodic major vacations. The resulting dedicated portfolio investment strategy can easily be adjusted or subjected to “what-ifs” to test required risk/rate-of-return effects.