Meet Mike


Mike is a Wealth Advisor for Retirement Extender, a team of financial specialists helping clients increase the life of their savings. After retiring in 2015 to Albuquerque, he started a new career based on what was a hobby all his life: investing and financial management. Mike has spent the first six months of this new opportunity to help people by learning the tax and investment-advising business, specializing in Medicare understanding and planning for retirees.

Mike grew up in the wine country of Sonoma, California and graduated with a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California at Davis in 1972. He worked for 33 years as a geothermal and oil & gas engineer/manager in six US and foreign locations for Unocal, including Azerbaijan and the Philippines. Mike worked on a 50MW geothermal project on Redondo Peak west of New Mexico’s Valle Grande in the early 1980s, which sparked his aim to eventually move back to Albuquerque. He retired in Houston, Texas, when Unocal was purchased by Chevron in 2005 and enjoyed getting back into music and reading as well as being a companion to his mom during her last years.

In 2007, Mike and his wife, Laura, bought a house in Albuquerque for retirement. Major renovation plans there, and the 2009 market downturn, convinced Mike to re-enter the workforce, this time fulfilling a bucket list item by joining Mighty River Power as a geothermal energy manager on New Zealand’s North Island. There he built up a technical resources staff to manage four geothermal electricity generating projects while Laura managed the home renovation. He retired a second time in 2015 and helped finish off the renovation project in Albuquerque.

After considering his retirement investments and Medicare/Social Security experiences, Mike came across Retirement Extender and liked their model of helping clients allocate their retirement assets into future time periods with specific financial goals. With that start, he began learning more about investments, eventually joining the firm with a passion for helping people understand their retirement options.

Mike enjoys reading and playing guitar as well as collecting all kinds of music. He’s played guitar and bass in company bands in several previous job locations and is always ready to start up a new group wherever he works.

Mike’s academic credentials include an Executive MBA from Northwestern University, having a Registered Mechanical Engineer license (retired) in California and, at one time, in New Mexico and his NASD Series 65 license.

Favorite food:

New Mexican Green Chile Stew

Best piece of advice received:

Get a BS Degree, then get to work

Favorite music:

Reverb-drenched Surf Guitar Instrumentals

Favorite movie:

Star Wars, from Episode I to yet-to-be-released Episode IX

What motivates him:

Always having something to do